I’ve taken the plunge…

It is time to make my idea a reality!

I have a vision to help small businesses succeed and it is my mission to do that by helping small business become more efficient…

My super power is my natural ability at finding a better way to do things.  I consistently apply this to all aspects of my life – from home, to study to work.

My super power allows me to successfully run a home with 5 kids and a husband on night shift.

My super power allowed me to complete my MBA in 14 months with a distinction in my final project.

My super power has made me a successful Senior Quality Assurance Manager in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

My super power has enabled me to be able to start and run my own small business while studying and working full time with a family.

I am now wanting to help other small businesses find a better way.

I am always hearing stories from family and friends about issues that they have work.  Mistakes keep happening.  Jobs take too long to do.  The chain of communication is broken.  They aren’t succeeeding as much as they would like.

I hear these stories and can immediately think of ways to improve things for them!  It frustrates me to see people struggle when they don’t need to.

I can help you to see an easier and more efficient way to do things in your business.

I can help you overcome those repeated mistakes or issues so that they no longer occur or occur less frequently, by helping you to identify areas for improvement.

I can help you see a better way at what ever is not working right in your business and help you implement the tools that will make your processes simpler.

I have lived my life with Murphy’s Law…

  • nothing is as easy as it looks (but you can find a way to make it that easy)
  • everything takes longer than you expect (but you can find a way to change that for next time)
  • and when something can go wrong it will (but you can find a way to prevent it or deal with is easier if you plan ahead)
  • at the worst possible moment (let me help you make it less of a problem!)

So what will it be?

Continue to do things the hard or less efficient way?

Or would you rather find the simpler way that will save you time and money in the long run??

Reach out and let me know!  I would love to help you…


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