Do you have a mission and a vision?

Do you have a vision for your business?

Do you know what you mission is?

What is it that you want to do or achieve?  Where do you want to go with your business?

Without a mission or a vision for your business you may find it more difficult to succeed!

I consider a mission and a vision the backbone of any business – no matter how big or how small!

A mission and vision statement can provide you with a guide to decision making within your business.  They can take the hard work out of deciding what direction to take when you reach a crossroads.  They can save you hours of mental turmoil when stuck with a choice.

Having a mission and a vision can help you decide who to employ.  You want to build your business and future empire on what has driven you into starting your business in the first place, and when it comes to adding employees, you want to make sure they are aligned with you and what your mission and vision are.

Put simply – a mission and a vision are a must!

When times get tough, they will, at the very least, remind you of why you went into business in the first place.

I have a small crochet business.  It is in the very early stages, and may be seen by many as a “hobby” business.  But I have a mission and a vision for this business.  It is very much a side project for me, one that brings me great joy, but even this small “hobby” business has a mission and a vision behind it!  Check it out here – it is included in my “about” section of my online store.

This mission has guided me in many decisions so far.  I have many sparks of ideas for this business – many that could send me in all sorts of wild directions!  But every time I have an idea, I check with my mission and vision and decide if it is aligned.  If it is, then I go for it.  If it’s not, then I don’t.

My mission and vision has stopped me from making loads of items to sell.  I love crochet, but I don’t want to spend hours making things for potential customers. Items that may or may not sell.  I am however happy to make something to order by request.  I know that it means that the person making the request will love what they order and I am not spending hours of my precious time doing something that is not going to bring me as much in return.

So do you have a mission and a vision?

I strongly advise you to get one on paper soon if you don’t!

Think about where you want your business to go?  Think about what it is that you do and don’t like to do.  These will all help you to determine what your mission and vision are.

If you read my previous blog post, or even if you haven’t, have a look – even that has my mission and vision for this blog stated in it – because without direction I know that I am less likely to succeed!  Heck, I even have a vision for how I want my life to look…

Need help coming up with one?  Reach out to me…I would love to help you.

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