Set yourself some goals…

Did you ever consider setting goals?  Not just for achieving what you want to achieve, but to improve on efficiency in your business too?

I set goals often.  On a weekly basis I sit down and work out what goals I need to achieve in the next week.  This doesn’t just apply to my business, but it also applies to my personal achievements too.

When set right, a goal gives you direction.

A goal gives you a pathway to achievement.

A goal gives you focus.

With direction, a pathway and focus you improve efficiency.

How often do you sit down with a rough idea of what you want to do and then spend hours getting around to completing the task?

This is less likely to happen when you have a goal because you have a clearer pathway to where you need to get to.  You can focus, you can get it done.

When set correctly, a goal is your deadline for achievement.

With a deadline, people work more efficiently.

Look at a student for example. We all know that it is more effective to study regularly and start working on assignments as soon as you get them.  How many of us though left study to the last minute and the assignment to the weekend or night before?

I achieved my MBA with what felt like minimal effort because I set myself goals regularly.  Each week I knew what I needed to achieve to reach the next milestone.   All my assignments were submitted at least 48 hours before the deadline.  I only studied on the day of the exam once and it wasn’t because I was disorganised, it was because I really wanted to be sure I understood the content.

Goals make you more efficient.

Goals will make your business more efficient.

If you struggle with setting appropriate goals, then reach out to me…

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