Consistency is a key value…


You might have some people tell you that life and business is more fun if you have more chaos and less predictability.  They will tell you that not being stuck to routine, not being predictable will be more exciting which will bring you more joy.

I would argue the opposite.

Being consistent and having routine increases your efficiency.  Being more efficient gives you more time for fun.

Being predictable brings trust, especially with your customers.  This can bring in more customers or the same customers more often.  This will add more variety to your day, which, if you love what you do, means that you get to have more fun.  You get to do more of what you love.

I value consistency in all areas of my life.

Look at this blog post.  Go back through the archives.  You will see that they have all been published on a Tuesday morning.  And all except the first few have been published at the same time of day – 7am my time.  This means that my followers can predict when my next post is due out.  They don’t need to keep checking or waiting for the next one as they already know when to expect it.  It also means that I can write them at any time and schedule them in for the next Tuesday that needs a post scheduled.  This one was written two weeks before it was published.

In my crochet business my blog post comes out every Thursday morning.  My newsletter comes out on the first of every month.  I post one photo of my work every day to instagram.  My patterns are all written on the same template so my customers know what to expect. I am consistent.  My customers know what to expect from me and I deliver.  They come back, they tell others and my business grows.

At home I meal prep on Monday morning for the nights I need to cook and I make and freeze the kids lunches for the week.  I order my groceries on a Wednesday and have them delivered on a Saturday.  This give me more freedom.  I am not coming home from work every night needing to scramble around to prepare and cook a meal.  It’s already done.  My family knows when to expect more food in the house.  We have more time for the things we love to do.  I get to spend more quality time with my family because I have made the space for it by being consistent.

All of this can apply to your business too.  Be consistent in how you deliver a service to your customer.  Be consistent in when and how you contact them.  Build their trust.  Build efficiency into your business.  This will give you more space to do more.  It will enable you to bring more value to your customers.  It will help your business grow.

Not sure how to be more consistent?  Let me help you.  Reach out to me and I can show you how…

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