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Month: April 2018

Are you providing the right training?

How many of you have a training program in place in your business? Do you understand the benefits that having a documented training program can bring? How detailed your training program is will be dependent on many factors, but even if you only have one employee, you will definitely see benefits from providing documented training. Training isn’t just about reading procedures or showing someone what to do.  There are many facets to training and it is important to tailor the training to your business needs. And when you document the… Read more Are you providing the right training?

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented? Quite simply, yes. But in order for a quality system to enable you to work efficiently, you need to implement a system that is effective and is tailored for your business. There is a reason that ISO standards and quality systems exist. They make life simpler.  They put everyone on the same page and bring consistency and methods for continuous improvement. Bu they only do that if you implement an effective system. I have worked within the realms of a quality… Read more Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Templates save time.

Templates.  They really do save you time.  It might seem like a lot of work sometimes to put them together, but in the long run they save you time. A simple example.  I started a sharing page on instagram.  I share four grids of four photos every day.  When I first started it I would go through the effort of typing out words and including all the right hashtags and tagging the people whose photos I shared. I learned very quickly to create a template. My template now has all… Read more Templates save time.