Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Quite simply, yes.

But in order for a quality system to enable you to work efficiently, you need to implement a system that is effective and is tailored for your business.

There is a reason that ISO standards and quality systems exist.

They make life simpler.  They put everyone on the same page and bring consistency and methods for continuous improvement.

Bu they only do that if you implement an effective system.

I have worked within the realms of a quality system for the past 18 years.  I hear all of the complaints that people have with quality systems and I understand them.  Because a lot of the time the quality system has not been implemented effectively.

A lot of the time a quality system has been implemented to tick a box to obtain certification.  But the procedures and documents implemented were not specific for the organisation.  Or they written with an ambiguous set of instructions.  These leads to personnel not following them, which leads to inefficiency and makes the system ineffective.

I hear you.  Quality systems can feel like more paperwork.  But in the long run they lead to less work.

And you don’t need to have ISO certification to run an effective quality system.  Having certification might give you the edge over a competitor, but you still need to be able to use the system effectively to maintain that edge.

Anyone can implement a quality system.  I’ve inherited one of the worst, most ineffective quality systems implemented to enable compliance to ISO 13485.  It contained a whole bunch of procedures that ticked a box for compliance, but nobody could follow them!  They did not give clear unambiguous instructions.  I’ve turned it around and made it much more effective.  We now have procedures that can be followed and are much more effective.

I can do the same for you.  Whether it’s from scratch or to repair and improve on one that you already have.  Or even just to implement some of the basic components to help your small business run more efficiently and effectively.

Let me show you how.  Reach out to me and book a one on one session to discuss it.

Book now.



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