Are you providing the right training?

How many of you have a training program in place in your business?

Do you understand the benefits that having a documented training program can bring?

How detailed your training program is will be dependent on many factors, but even if you only have one employee, you will definitely see benefits from providing documented training.

Training isn’t just about reading procedures or showing someone what to do.  There are many facets to training and it is important to tailor the training to your business needs.

And when you document the training required, you are more likely to provide it consistently and have all employees operating to the same expectations for their role.

And as we know from one of my previous blogs, consistency is a key value.

So how do you provide the right training?

The training you need to give will be dependent on the roles you have and the complexity of the tasks they need to perform.

At the very least, all businesses should provide induction training.  You might already be doing this to some extent, but having it documented will ensure that you provide the same induction training every time.

You need to ensure that your employees job requirements are documented and you need to ensure that they are provided with training to enable them to meet those requirements.  It is not always enough to hire someone that has demonstrated the required skills in a previous job as there will be differences to how you expect them to perform and carry out their role in your business.

You also need to ensure that the training is being conducted by a suitable trainer, and one that is competent to perform the tasks themselves.  Training can become a game of Chinese whispers if it is not documented and delivered effectively.

So how will you implement training in your business?  Maybe you already have a training program in place but are not seeing the benefits of it.

I can help you to determine what is required and implement a training program for your business.  And I can help you ensure that your program is effective.  I’ve done it for the people I work for, so I know that I can do it for you.

Book a session with me now and we can talk through what it is that you need.




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