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Month: May 2018

You don’t need expensive electronic tools

Did you know that you don’t need expensive electronic tools to help you be organised in business? Too often I hear of people jumping onto the need to use this program or that to help them get more organised or efficient. But have you actually considered if it is going to be the right electronic tool for your business?  Have you considered that you might not really need one? Too often with electronic tools you are forced to use the workflow and structure that they are designed with. That workflow… Read more You don’t need expensive electronic tools


Your business is growing, you’re ready to take the next step up.  You’ve started to hire employees. Do you know who is going to be responsible for what? You already have employees, but you find yourself frustrated because they aren’t all doing what you expect them to do. Do they know who is responsible for what? If you want employees to perform at their best, if you want your business to operate as efficiently as possible, you need to ensure that responsibilities are clearly defined. The easiest way to do… Read more Responsibilities

Are you operating efficiently?

You may think that you’re operating your business efficiently, and that’s awesome if you are!  Below is a simple efficiency checklist so that you can assess if your business truly is operating efficiently and to guide you to areas for improvement. I encourage you to answer yes or no to each of these to see how efficiently you are operating. Efficiency Checklist: Does your company have a documented mission and vision statement? Does your company have a strategic plan in place for at least the next 12 months? Is your company’s strategic… Read more Are you operating efficiently?