Your business is growing, you’re ready to take the next step up.  You’ve started to hire employees.

Do you know who is going to be responsible for what?

You already have employees, but you find yourself frustrated because they aren’t all doing what you expect them to do.

Do they know who is responsible for what?

If you want employees to perform at their best, if you want your business to operate as efficiently as possible, you need to ensure that responsibilities are clearly defined.

The easiest way to do this is with clearly documented job descriptions and clearly written work instructions or procedures.

Remove the ambiguity.

Make sure you communicate clearly what your expectations within those responsibilities are too.

You might make it someones job to empty the bin.  But do they know that you expect it done daily and not every second day or only once it’s full like is happening?

Not all of your employees are going to work from their own initiative.

Not all of your employees are going to see all that needs to be done and just do it.

And you don’t want employees taking on more than they are responsible for either.  They might not have the expertise to do so.

So make sure the responsibilities of ALL your employees are clearly defined and clearly communicated.

Not sure how best to define responsibilities for your business?  Book a session with me now and I can guide you.   Or hire me to define and document them for you!

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