Is your work space at it’s most efficient?

Your work space is going to impact your efficiency!

And by work space, I don’t just mean your physical work space, but your electronic work space too.

Anyone that walks into my office space at home or at work, gets the impression that I don’t have much work to do.  That is because my desk space is always clear and only ever contains the items that I need right now.

Even my ‘crochet corner’ is set up so that my current projects and the tools I need are clearly segregated and immediately at hand.  And anything that I don’t need, or need less often, is put away or located further from my work space.

Any electronic work space I use is also set up to be used quickly and efficiently.  You can achieve so much efficiency just by having appropriately labelled folders and subfolders where items are saved.  And even document titles should be saved in a manner that is going to make them easier to locate.

Think about your work space.

If you’re sitting there now, then have a look around.

How much of what is ready to hand is what you need right now?  How much of it could be put away until you start to do the task it is needed for?

How long do you spend searching for the items or documents that you need?

And when you have found them , how do you organise them to be used?

Do you set everything up before you start? Or do you find what you need as you go?

Is your work space used for more than one activity at a time?

Do you set up and work in stages? Or do you set up for everything at once.

There are so many different ways that you can make your work space operate more efficiently.

If you are looking at your work space now and can’t see how it could be more efficient, then book a session with me now.  We can review your work space and what it is used for and outline ways to make it more efficient for you!


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