Do you know what tools are available to you?

Do you know what tools are available that can make you more efficient in business?

I’ve been writing this blog for a number of months now and I have mentioned quite a few tools that might not be obvious to you, but they are all ones that you can implement simply to improve your efficiency.

The first is your mission and vision statement.  This is the first tool that I encourage businesses to set for themselves.  Having these in place helps you to be more efficient in your decision making and plans for the future of your business.

Another is checklists.  When written correctly, checklists are invaluable in making sure that you stay on task, that you don’t miss even the smallest of details, and they allow you to effectively handover or leave a task and come back to it.

Procedures are another powerful and completely under-rated tool for improving efficiency, .  Written procedures allow you to have multiple personnel complete the same task in a uniform manner.  They are key to improving quality of product and service.  Procedures allow you to take time away from your business and leave it operational in the hands of others!

Setting goals is also a valuable tool for efficiency.  Goals keep you and your employees focussed on a common end point.  Goals improve motivation which will improve efficiency.

And let’s not forget training!  There is no point having procedures and checklists if you aren’t going to train your personnel in them.  And you need to ensure that the training performed is effective in transferring the required skills on from one person to another.

Templates also save you time.  Templates allow you to reduce the repetition in activities that you complete routinely.  They allow you to get to the ‘nitty gritty’ sooner and they provide consistency to your customers.

Have you defined personnel responsibilities?  Without them who is going to know who is responsible for what?  And by defining responsibilities you are assigning power to your personnel to move on with their required tasks without waiting to be told.

And my final tool for today is continuous improvement.  If you don’t have a system or process in place for capturing ways to improve, how will you continue to make your business more efficient?

All of these tools mentioned help to provide you with consistency which I refer to as a key value!

So if you’ve read all this and looked back over the related blogs, are you left thinking about where to start with implementing any of these into your business?  If you are, then you really need to book a session with me!  Together we can determine exactly what you need to do to make changes and I can provide you with a details report with actions to take to move you forward.

Don’t continue to operate your business inefficiently, start making the improvements you need today!


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