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Month: July 2018

Are you tracking?

Are you tracking what is important to your business? Do you know what you should be tracking? If you’re not tracking, or you’re not tracking what is important to your business then you are going to struggle to succeed and struggle to operate efficiently. If you have made promises to customers or have set internal goals, then it is important to track them.  If you don’t track them then you have no idea if you’re meeting them or if you need to make changes to make sure that you do… Read more Are you tracking?

What does efficiency mean to you?

So what does efficiency mean to you? To me, efficiency means getting through tasks with as little repetition and as few errors as possible. Efficiency means working as simply and cost effectively as possible. Every business is different, and every business is in a different stage of development and growth and because of this I don’t go for the one size fits all approach when determining what you need to operate more efficiently. I’ve worked for over 15 years in Quality Assurance so it has been my job for a… Read more What does efficiency mean to you?

How good are you at scheduling?

How good are you at scheduling?  And planning? Do you find it time consuming? Are you finding that you are constantly overlooking tasks that should be done?  Especially those that you don’t do often. Are you finding that you have been letting customers down by not delivering everything as promised? Do you find yourself rushing around last minute because you overlooked something that was important to do. If you said yes to any of these then your scheduling and planning is letting you down.  And if it’s letting you down… Read more How good are you at scheduling?