You won’t ever reach perfection.

Perfection truly is a myth.

You can never reach perfection. Not if you believe and focus on continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is why perfection is a myth because if you reach perfection you are saying you will never improve again.

Continuous improvement is a must if you expect your business to succeed for a long way into the future.

So what is continuous improvement and how does it make perfection a myth?

Continuous improvement means just that.  That you are always making changes and always making improvements.  It’s a never ending cycle.

In your business that means that you are always improving your product or service and how you operate your business.  Methods and products that you were providing years and sometimes only months ago may not be serving you or your customers well anymore.  You need to determine what needs to change and how you need to change it.

You see continuous improvement in your everyday life.  How many times have you updated or upgraded your phone?  Do you still (or ever) have a black and white tv that does not have a remote?  Is your milk needing to be delivered fresh daily or can you purchase it and know it will be ok for days in your fridge?

If continuous improvement did not exist you would not see change.  We would still be riding horses instead of driving our cars.

You too can start to apply continuous improvement in your business.  I can help you to do that.  Your first step is with my operate efficiently download.  Your second step is to book a session with me.

It’s that simple.


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