Automation isn’t the only way to operate efficiently…

Did you know that efficiency isn’t always achieved through automation?

And did you know that automation isn’t the only answer to improving your efficiency?

Yes, automation can make some tasks less onerous and less repetitious. And yes, I am a big advocate of electronic over paper systems. But that does not necessarily mean that automating something is going to make you more efficient.

And sometimes you need to consider the cost. If it is more economical for your business to not automate, then that is an option for you to also consider.

But you can still gain efficiency.

Not all of my processes are automated.

I automate some of my emails, particularly those from my landing pages and downloads. But that is all.

I use scheduling and planning tools. These contribute towards my efficiency.

But what makes me most efficient is that I am well organised, I prioritise effectively and I am systematic.

I use tools and templates that simplify my processes.

I reduce repetition.

I use checklists to track my progress.

I follow a procedure where it matters most.

I complete tasks at the most appropriate time and in the most efficient manner.

So why does automation not always make you efficient?

Because sometimes the system or workflow it uses is more complicated than what your business needs.

Sometimes it is too difficult to navigate through.

Sometimes things go wrong and it can take more time to resolve it than it would have taken to complete the task without automation.

Sometimes you need the human factor.

So if you’re looking to truly become efficient and you understand that there is more to becoming efficient than just automating, then now is the time to get my download to operating more efficiently and to book your session with me.

Stop holding yourself back and create yourself more time!



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