Quality Matters

I’ve worked in Quality Assurance for almost 20 years.

I understand the value of Quality Assurance.  And for the most part the people that I work with do too.  Or they at least accept it as something they need to work with.

But I truly understand it’s value.

Quality Assurance brings consistency and improvement to the workplace.  Quality Assurance builds trust into products and services.  Quality Assurance brings harmony across an organisation.

ISO standards and government regulations have been implemented with quality in mind in many industries throughout the world.  And they have been implemented for more than just to make organisations compliant.

And they have been implemented for a reason.

Without standards we would not have a baseline for expectations for medicines, medical devices or safety.

Without standards we would not be able to trust many many products and services that are designed to save or protect our lives.

So if Quality Assurance has been demonstrated as a ‘necessary evil’ in so many industries, why wouldn’t you want to embrace it for your business too?

And I am not saying that you need to make your business compliant with an ISO standard such as ISO 9001 just for the sake of it.  But I am saying that you could implement elements of quality to make your business more successful.

And I am the person that you need to implement aspects of quality into your business.

I know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to quality.  I know the principals and how to apply them in a manner that will make sense for your business.

And I know how to implement them without it causing you too much pain and sufferance in the process.

Quality doesn’t need to be about ‘creating paper for the sake of paper’.  Quality is something that you can easily build into the operation of your business to help it improve.

Quality will bring consistency, improvement, efficiency and harmony into your business.

Isn’t that something you would want?

If you want to know more about how I can help your business improve and bring more consistency, improvement, efficiency and harmony to your business, then book your session with me today.

Stop holding your business back.




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