Declutter for efficiency.

I recently went through a decluttering exercise of electronic tasks that I needed to do. The kind of tasks that don’t take up desk or office space so to speak, but ones that do clutter up your electronic workspace and your mind because you know that they’re there.

None of them took a particularly long time, but they’re the kind of tasks that can easily pile up. Mine all gathered because I had taken some leave from work and they could not be delegated. When I came back I had project tasks that had imminent deadlines.

The weight that lifted off my shoulders because they were no longer there was immediate!

It was extremely cleansing.

It made my next days at work much easier to deal with as I did not have those tasks hanging over me waiting to be done.

I recommend that you go through a decluttering exercise for this same reason.

Whether it’s clearing and tidying electronic folders or tasks, or clearing and tidying a physical space.  The result is the same.

It’s cleansing.

Not just physically, but mentally too.

And by cleansing it is much easier to focus on the more important tasks at hand and to really get into doing some meaty work.

Decluttering will allow your creative side to become unrestricted and blossom again!

And you can’t tell me that your business wouldn’t benefit from some fresh creativity, because I know that it will.



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