The biggest source of errors…

The biggest source of errors are human error. It’s been shown time and time again in my workplace as I’m sure that it has in yours.

But what if I told you that while it might appear that it is humans causing the error, if you really look in to the problem properly, the biggest source of error will be the system, or the lack of a suitable system in place?

It’s true. Pretty much every single human error can be resolved by making an improvement to the systems and documentation in place.

How often have you relied on memory to tick off all the steps in something that you do? How often does memory fail you because you forgot one step? Like forgetting to press record on a webinar or forgetting to order supplies before they really ran out?

All of these human errors can be reduced if you improve your system. A simple checklist or tick box can resolve many mistakes that occur because of a human forgetting to do something.

And no matter how good you get at a task, there will always be a time that your memory fails you. Why? Because you will get into the unconscious competent mindset. Which is doing something you do well without even thinking about it. Like driving home from work and some days you wonder if you really stopped at that last set of lights or you wonder how you got there. Once you do something well and do it often you go into auto pilot and that’s when mistakes will happen.

So where is the biggest source of error in your business? What can you do to reduce the occurrence? I’ve tried and tested many different methods and can help you to implement what you need in your workplace.

Stop letting human error hold your business back. Do something about and book a session with me today!



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