The results so far…

So last week I ran a little survey to see how efficient businesses felt they were operating and how many were making the mistakes that I identified in my download from last week’s post.  I have left the survey open in case anyone wants to participate still…

What I have found so far, which I wish wasn’t surprising, is that while 80% of the participants surveyed have five or less employees, only 40% had the systems in place that would allow them to scale up!

Is that the same for your business?  Chances are that it is.

Does that mean that you don’t want your business to scale up?  Are you keeping it small on purpose?  Or is it that you just don’t have the time to get the systems documented and in place?

I know that it isn’t the dream of every business owner to “make it big”.  But why hold yourself back if you don’t have to?

And why make it harder for yourself if you do decide to scale up?  The sooner you get your systems documented and employee ready, the easier it will be to make the changes that you need and let your business grow.

Don’t make the mistake of scaling up and then running into issues because you didn’t have the systems in place first.

Let me help you get your systems sorted.  I can prepare operations manuals, how-to guides and even put training programs in place for you.  The sooner you get things documented the sooner that you can scale up with ease!

Start by booking a session with me now.





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