Follow through

So tell me. How often in life have you felt let down because someone promised you something and they didn’t follow through.  Or they did follow through, but it was late or they didn’t quite do what you expected?

I’m sure that you’ve felt let down at least once in your life and I’m willing to bet that the feelings stayed with you for a while too.  No matter the apology you did or didn’t receive, or the extras that they did to make it up to you.  You still remember feeling let down.

Is that what you want for your customers?

Where have you failed to follow through or not meet expectations?

It’s bound to have happened at least once, because we are human after all.  But if it is something that you do repeatedly, then now is the time to reflect and think about what needs to change to stop it from repeating.

You don’t want to lose current customers or future business because you keep on failing to meet their expectations.

You can start by being realistic.  Don’t promise them something tomorrow if you know that you won’t have time to complete it for at least 2 days.  Tell them 2 days and if you get deliver sooner then bonus!  But don’t let them down by delivering late on a promise.

Is it because you’re disorganised or because you don’t have a clear system in place?

Are your employees letting you down because they aren’t on the same page as you?

What ever it is, it is resolvable.  You just need to work through the problem, determine a cause and put action in place.

Need help doing that?  Then try my free download and worksheet or book a session with me.

Together we can resolve the problems that you’re having in business.



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