Empower Others

There is nothing more empowering to me than empowering others.

To guide and helps others to improve and improve.

It’s addictive.

And helping you to empower others is something I love to do too.

And one of the easiest ways to help you do that is to get your systems and processes documented.  Once they’re documented you have a point of focus for their roles and job functions. You have a method and a tool to empower them more as they won’t need to rely on you to answer all of their questions.  You will have something in writing to create a training program around.

Having your processes documented also gives you tools to keep others accountable and following the script that you write for your business.

So how can you document them?

An operations manual is one way and my most recommended. However, other tools can be used or can compliment your manual.

A checklist. A how-to guide. An electronic project management tool.

All are additional ways that you can document your processes and tasks completed so that your employees are more empowered.

Not sure how to get started? Then checkout my page for an operations manual and/or book a session with me so that I can guide you into what you need most for your business.

Let me help you empower others!


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