Do they know what you expect?

By they, I mean your employees. Do they know what you expect? If you’re constantly frustrated because you’re employees aren’t doing what you need them to, then maybe it isn’t clear to them what you expect. Or maybe you’re not making them accountable.

So how are you letting them know your expectations?

How are you keeping them accountable?

The simplest way is to produce an operations manual. Everything will be in the one place. Your policies, their job descriptions, your procedures. All ambiguity is then gone.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You need to make sure that they are aware of what is in the manual. They need to have access to it and they need to at the very least read and understand what is in it.  There is no point documenting everything down if you’re then not going to have them use it!

And this is where I can come in for you and your business.

I’m guessing that writing it all down is not something that comes easily for you and it not something that you have the time for.  You know you need to, but it just all seems too hard!

But don’t worry.  I can do that for you.  I can have you talk through all that you do and I can convert that into your operations manual.  That is my skill.  That is how I can help you.

So don’t hold back anymore.  Visit my page and book your session to get started on your operations manual today!



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