Don’t keep starting from scratch!

Do you know how inefficient it is to keep on starting from scratch?

I couldn’t think of anything worse!

And the easiest way to stop starting from scratch is to create a template and save it!

It surprises me how many people don’t keep templates.  You can use them for emails, newsletters, tasks or projects you do regularly, customer responses.

There are soooo many ways that you can incorporate templates.

And using a template gives you the benefit of keeping things uniform and consistent between employees and customers.  Your employees will all work from the same page.  your customers will all receive the same information.  And you will find it all so much easier to keep on top of.

So where do you need to incorporate templates into your business?

Where are you do a lot of the same things all of the time, that you could have set up ready to go?

Not sure?

Then book a session with me.  I can review what you’re doing, make suggestions and even create the templates for you!

Stop working inefficiently and stop starting from scratch!



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