It’s a New Year!

Can you believe we’re in a new year already?! The past year was quite big for me. I started my business and I have shared and learned a lot!

If you have worked directly with me in the past year, then thank you. Working with you has added value to my world and if I did my job right, then it added value to your world too.

If you haven’t worked directly with me yet, but are sitting on the sidelines reading what I have to offer, and learning from some of the things that I have to say each day and each week, then thank you. Just knowing that there are people like you that find some value in my content is also rewarding to me. It drives me to keep on creating and delivering to you.

Shall we take a look back at some of what I had to offer?

I published three free downloads for you this year. Did you get them? One was to help those wanting to get their business going, another is a tool to help you really get to the bottom of your problem so that you can implement real change for efficiency, and the third outlined the top 10 mistakes to avoid in business if you want to operate efficiently.

Then there are all of my blog posts. Did you know that I published one every single week since the first one was posted in January?! One of my guiding words for life and business is consistency, and if publishing a blog post on the same day and time every week for a year doesn’t speak consistent then I don’t know what does. Is this something that you would like to improve one? Being consistent? Then book your session with me and I can guide you with that!

And during the year I also started to publish my Succeed Weekly email. Another example of consistency!  This email is designed to share my blog posts and top instagram posts for the week so that you can get all of your tips for efficiency and success in one easy place.

And then there is all of my product and service offers.  Which of them will you choose to use ithis year?  I am constantly building on these to make them bigger and better for you, so I hope you’ll take me up on one of them soon as I would love to work with you and help your business to succeed!

I have definitely enjoyed my first year in business.  Joy is something that I strive for every day and this business certainly brings me that.  So once again I thank you, and I look forward to sharing with you and working with you this year too!


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