How to declutter your business

Decluttering is a buzz word that has been around for a while now.  Have you considered it for your business?

How would you even begin to declutter your business and why would you want to?

There are many ways that you could declutter in your business.

You might need to review existing inventory to declutter.  Are there products or services that do not add value to your business or are costing you more to have than what they give in return?  Is it time to clear them out so that you can expand on what is working well?  Or is it time to make improvements to them instead so that they add more value to your business.

What  about your work and storage areas?  Are they serving you well?  Is the flow conducive to efficiency?  Is stock organised and locations documented so that you can access them easily?

And what about the systems that you’re using? And the processes that you’re following?  Are they slowing you down?  Have you been tacking things on to make it all work better and now you’ve been left with a clunky process that is just not working as well as it should for you.

These are just a few areas that you could consider to declutter your business.  What you should focus first on will depend on where you’re currently experiencing the most problems or the most inefficiency.  Once you identify that you can review what you’re doing, determine why you’re having the problem and come up with a workable solution to act on.  NEVER make a change without a plan and without considering the impact it will have on all that you do.  By doing that you will end up with more and more bandaids stuck on and an even greater need to declutter.

So if decluttering an area of your business is something that you need to consider but you’re not sure where to start, then start by reaching out to me.  I’m here to offer you the support that you need to ensure that the changes you make are the right ones and are implemented in the right way.

You have nothing to lose by making that first step and starting the conversation and I’d love to be able to support you through a declutter of your business.  Find out how here.



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