How to manage your social media efficiently…

Social media.  It seems to be a sticking point for many women in business.  We all know that our businesses can benefit from using it, but often we’re scared off because we’re just not sure if “we’re doing it right”, we “don’t know what to post” or we just can’t get beyond the setting it up part.

And once we do figure it all out, we then find that we seem to lose more time by getting stuck on social media from all of the distractions that it presents.

What if I said that social media doesn’t have to be hard, and if you do it right you won’t lose all of the precious time in your day?

I use social media a lot, but it is not a time waster for me.  I have two business pages on facebook, one for this business and one for my crochet business.  I also have five instagram accounts!  Besides a personal one and one I’m just starting out on, my instagram accounts are for this business, my crochet business and one where I share the work of other makers.  And then of course there is linkedin, twitter and pinterest!  I know that is not all of them, but these are the ones that I use.

Social media isn’t a time waster if you get smart about the way that you use it.  I am posting on all of my accounts at least once a day.  The sharing account on instagram I post four times a day.  And I post every day, without fail, but would never spend more than an hour or so on there most days.

So how do you manage social media efficiently?

First, you need to get clear on what you are using the accounts for and how you intend to do it.  Without a clear plan and purpose you will get lost on there.  Get clear on who your intended audience is, what content you want to share and why, and how often you want to post.

If you’re creating your own content and not just sharing the work of others, you need to figure out how you can create it without using up too much time.  I have a few tools that I use for photo editing and planning.  These tools allow me to save templates that I can quickly update and I have my “go to” filters in my photo editing app that I know give me the look and feel that I am wanting in my images.  I also have an app that I use for this business that allows me to plan out all of my content ahead of time so that all I need to do is copy and post when I’m ready to post it.

I also recommend linking the pages where you can.  I post on instagram because it will automatically share to facebook and twitter for me.  By linking them it also means that any sponsored posts I do will share to both sites which halves the time needed to post!

You also need to schedule in time to be on social media.  I don’t use auto-scheduling for my posts.  By physically sharing the posts myself it also means that I am able to respond to comments that may be present.

If you use messaging on your facebook page then I recommend getting familiar with the different auto-responses that you can use and set them up to suit your business.  You can create auto-answer replies for frequently asked questions, you can also set up “out of office” or “we’ll get to you soon” type auto-replies.  This will enable you to respond at times that suit you, which is a lot more efficient that answering as soon as you see a notification.

If you set up a group on your page for facebook you do have the risk of it becoming a time waster.  Be sure of your intent for setting up a group BEFORE you do it.  They can be an awesome tool for sharing member only content, but be mindful of how much time it might end up taking from you.  Be clear from the outset as to what the group is for and how it will be managed.  If it’s a large group you might also benefit from assigning some trusted friends or employees as admins to help with approving people to join and monitoring content so that you’re time isn’t lost on it.

This is just a start for how to use social media efficiently.  There are so many other tips and tricks that I can share too that will help you get the most from your social media.  My biggest tip though is to not let social media scare you and learn from others!  Most of what I know is from trial and error and from being tech savvy.  I know that not everyone is a fan of technology which is why I can help you if you need it.  If this sounds like a service that you could benefit from then I recommend that you stop holding yourself and your business back and use one of my services to support you.







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