Do you really want to give up?

Are you at the point in your business that you’re ready to give it all up?

Deep down is that really what you want to do? Or do you love your business enough to keep trying?

Before you do decide to give it up you should read this…

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.

That is one of my favourite sayings and it applies to all of life, not just business.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall over or don’t see the success that you want. Want counts more is that you keep on getting up, dusting off and trying again.

Success doesn’t come from failing, success comes from trying again. And again. And again.

I have a handcrafted business as a side business. I don’t expect it to be a huge money maker, and I am only just starting to see some profit, but I am getting there. And part of that comes from not giving up! I recently reached my 50th sale on Etsy. I’ve had that store for close to 3 years and didn’t see a sale for the first 2 years! I was close to giving up that site as a selling option as I was convinced it wasn’t the right site for the patterns I was selling. But before I quit I saw my first sale! And that prompted me to make some changes. I updated my “store front”, I added more search friendly words to the titles of my patterns and I added more patterns there. It didn’t take much time or effort to change it and now I am regularly making sales.

In October last year I also started running crochet workshops each month.My first workshops only saw 1 or 2 people there and there was one I had to cancel! This was very deflating as I was prepared for them to fill up quickly and easily. I almost gave up but instead, I made some changes to how I run them and how I market them, and now I am seeing a better turn out and more seats booked month after month.

The same can be said for this business. I know there is a market for my skills and services. I know that I can help many small business improve and see greater success. But I am not yet seeing the success that I am hoping for. The clients aren’t lining up at my door for help.

But I am not prepared to give up.

I love both my businesses! They provide me with joy in my life. They provide me with a creative outlet. They aren’t making me a lot of money. They aren’t taking off the way I had wished. But you know what? That isn’t a reason to give up. There is still more that I can do to improve and grow. There is still time to see the success I want.

Does any of this sound like you? Are you feeling like your business will never be the success that you want it to be? And let’s get real here, maybe it won’t. But can you really and truly say, hand on your heart, that you have tried everything? Can you say there is nothing that needs to improve in your business?

I’m willing to bet that there is something you can do to improve in your business. Maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes. A new perspective. So why not give me a try? You already feel like you can’t make a difference so what have you got to lose? All you need to do is schedule a session and we’ll take it from there!


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