Stop wasting your energy…

Want to improve your efficiency?

Start by tackling the hardest task first.


Because our tendency is to avoid what is hard. We feel better when we tackle the little tasks that make us momentarily feel good.

By tackling the small tasks though we use up mental energy and drain ourselves. We start to worry over the big task that isn’t getting done and is almost at it’s deadline.

We convince ourselves that we work better under pressure and keep on leaving it. And then we stress about getting the big task done and make ourselves work less effectively and efficiently. And once it get’s done we realise it wasn’t really as big or as hard as we thought!

The inner reward is so much greater when we tackle and complete the big task first. It leaves our day or week so much freer once it’s done!

So what big task have you been leaving? Make it the first thing you tackle each day until it’s done.

Need help planning and prioritising your time better? Schedule a session with me to help you!



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