The template every business needs!

I talk a lot about the value of documenting your processes.  There is soooo much to benefit from once you do.  It takes time and effort to do it, but the reward from that effort is invaluable!

To help you with getting your processes documented, I have now created and made available the template that your business needs – my Operations Success Manual template.  And to make sure that you can personalise it easily I have also created a How-to Guide to go with it.

This template has all of the sections that you need and the style and formatting is all sorted.  All you need to do is update a few things to make it personal for your business and add the information that you need!

How simple is that?  Now instead of repeatedly saying that you’re going to document your processes, you can actually get on and do it!  All you need to do is head on over to here to get it!

If it still feels too hard to get everything documented, then remember that I can do that side of things for you too.  Find out how here.


DIY website template

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