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Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented? Quite simply, yes. But in order for a quality system to enable you to work efficiently, you need to implement a system that is effective and is tailored for your business. There is a reason that ISO standards and quality systems exist. They make life simpler.  They put everyone on the same page and bring consistency and methods for continuous improvement. Bu they only do that if you implement an effective system. I have worked within the realms of a quality… Read more Can you be efficient with a quality system implemented?

Consistency is a key value…

Consistency. You might have some people tell you that life and business is more fun if you have more chaos and less predictability.  They will tell you that not being stuck to routine, not being predictable will be more exciting which will bring you more joy. I would argue the opposite. Being consistent and having routine increases your efficiency.  Being more efficient gives you more time for fun. Being predictable brings trust, especially with your customers.  This can bring in more customers or the same customers more often.  This will… Read more Consistency is a key value…

The value of a procedure

I have worked most of my career in the highly regulated areas where procedures are part of every day.  We literally have a procedure for everything that we do. I won’t suggest that you need to do the same in your business.  But a procedure does have value and it does have a place. I knew this way back in the nineties, before I hit the world of regulations, as a ticket seller at the front entrance of the Perth Zoo.  When it was time for me to leave this… Read more The value of a procedure