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Do you know what tools are available to you?

Do you know what tools are available that can make you more efficient in business? I’ve been writing this blog for a number of months now and I have mentioned quite a few tools that might not be obvious to you, but they are all ones that you can implement simply to improve your efficiency. The first is your mission and vision statement.  This is the first tool that I encourage businesses to set for themselves.  Having these in place helps you to be more efficient in your decision making… Read more Do you know what tools are available to you?

Are you operating efficiently?

You may think that you’re operating your business efficiently, and that’s awesome if you are!  Below is a simple efficiency checklist so that you can assess if your business truly is operating efficiently and to guide you to areas for improvement. I encourage you to answer yes or no to each of these to see how efficiently you are operating. Efficiency Checklist: Does your company have a documented mission and vision statement? Does your company have a strategic plan in place for at least the next 12 months? Is your company’s strategic… Read more Are you operating efficiently?

Are you providing the right training?

How many of you have a training program in place in your business? Do you understand the benefits that having a documented training program can bring? How detailed your training program is will be dependent on many factors, but even if you only have one employee, you will definitely see benefits from providing documented training. Training isn’t just about reading procedures or showing someone what to do.  There are many facets to training and it is important to tailor the training to your business needs. And when you document the… Read more Are you providing the right training?